Flawed justice system
Flawed justice systemiStock

The growing preoccupation with the wife of Prime Minister Sara Netanyahu angered satirist Erel Segal, who came out against the media, the police, and the State witness Nir Hefetz.

"I want to talk about proportions," Segal said. "In the past few days, the Israeli media has been busy from morning to night with the correspondence and recordings of Nir Hefetz, the 'gatekeeper', especially about Sara Netanyahu ... There are many no less important things that the Israeli media ignores," and mentioned Kalman Liebeskind's expose of the Supreme Court Chief Justice.

"It's worth money!" He said. "You'd expect the Israeli media - the gatekeepers, the Enlightened Ones - to get up and check what happened here, but no, it's not interesting.

Visiting host Roi Idan admitted he's not a Netanyahu supporter. However, he had to agree with Segal's words. "I have to tell you you're right, but there is nothing to be done about it. The Israeli media is mostly the mouthpiece of the Deep State [influential decision-making bodies within government that are relatively permanent and whose long-term agendas are unaffected by changing administrations]. I still think their preoccupation with Sara is actually good for Netanyahu, and the surveys published yesterday prove this: The people of Israel don't want to see Bibi's food being counted and scrutinized, and that's exactly what they're doing. It's like auditing a soldier's food - he sees him as a soldier who protects and defends him, even though I see him as an enemy soldier."

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Idan also estimated that recent reports indicate that the police have nothing incriminating against the Prime Minister. Segal agreed, adding, "Learn this: Every time the media talk about Sara, it means there is no meat against Bibi. We catch a whiff from afar and understand someone's leaking material to the media. Suddenly Nir Hefetz the Abominable is the gatekeepers' hero?"

Later on, Segal referred to the Military Advisor's Law affair and the storm surrounding Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked's related legislation: "It's clear that a minister should appoint his own legal advisor. Because what does it matter? He's subject to the law, and the legal advisor can't work against the law," he said, attacking the legislation's critics in the legal system and academia. "You talk about nepotism? The entire Justice Ministry, all the prosecution, the whole Supreme Court is one big bordello. Everyone knows everyone, everyone's from the same milieu, and no one can penetrate into there.

"As I get older, I understand my father, Zalman Segal, was right when he quoted King Solomon and said: 'The place of the trial - there is found the wickedness,'" concluded Segal.