Meretz takes aim
Meretz takes aim iStock

Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa for the Meretz faction Meytal Lahavi contacted the police in an attempt to silence the Sabbath sirens that are heard every Friday to remind the public of the Sabbath.

According to Lahavi in recent months sirens sound with Jewish music played from synagogues in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, which constitutes "a gross violation of public silence and a violation of the Noise Law."

Lahavi asks her Facebook followers to send her the addresses where loudspeakers are. "Following inquiries I received, I contacted the police and they, for their part, want to act on the matter and need supplementary information. I need you with me - does this happen to you too? What addresses? Share with me so we can deal with this phenomenon."

B'Tzalmo Director Shai Glick said: "The Left is liberal and patient only towards what is convenient for them, a muezzin yes, a Sabbath siren G-d forbid. We'll turn to the police to enforce the law in an equal manner."