Gaza terrorist prepares incendiary balloon
Gaza terrorist prepares incendiary balloon Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

An IDF aircraft targeted a vehicle used by a group of Gazan terrorists who launched arson balloons from the northern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, as well as an observation post from which the balloons were launched.

Five different fires are raging in the southern region of Israel Tuesday, caused by arson terror launched by Gaza terrorists.

Three of the fires are in the Beeri forest, while the two others are in the Kissufim forest. Extensive damage has reportedly been caused to the forest regions. Firefighters and JNF workers are currently acting to subdue the fires.

In another incident, an incendiary balloon was located in a field in the southern agricultural community of Nir Akiva in the Merhavim regional council, 0404 reported. A bomb disposal expert was called to the scene and neutralized the threat.