Grave of Hila Betzaleli
Grave of Hila BetzaleliYoni Kempinski

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Tuesday imposed community service and thousands of shekels on engineer Oren Warshavsky and security adviser Yitzhak Zucker, who were convicted of negligently causing the death of Lieutenant Hila Betzaleli in the collapse of the Mount Herzl light bridge in 2012.

The engineer Warshavsky will compensate the family of Bezaleli NIS 5,000, and Zucker will compensate the family NIS 4,500.

Hila's mother, Sigalit, shouted and cried upon hearing the verdict. "I do not believe it," she said. "Take my soul."

"I have been silent for six years, sitting on this stinking bench. Let me die with the Philistines, take me. I want to leave this world."

The disaster on Mount Herzl occurred in April 2012, a few days before Israel's 64th Independence Day. The lighting bridge at the ceremony area on Mount Herzl collapsed and hit soldiers who were training at the time for the annual Independence Day torch-lighting ceremony. In the disaster, Lieutenant Hila Betzaleli was killed, two other soldiers were seriously injured and another soldier lightly injured.