Couple detained for visiting Temple Mount
Couple detained for visiting Temple MountStudents for the Temple Mount

Israel Police on Monday detained a young couple set to marry Monday evening.

The couple had ascended the Temple Mount with a group. Members of their groups said that they were followed by camera-carrying police officers, and detained the couple during the visit.

Police officers searched the groom's pockets and did not find anything. However, he and his bride were given distancing orders.

In addition to the couple, a student from the "Students for the Temple Mount" organization who had filmed the incident was also detained.

"Israel Police's paranoia regarding the Jewish presence and symbols of Judaism on the Temple Mount has already crossed red lines," a spokesperson for Students for the Temple Mount said. "Now, after a wedding was held on the Temple Mount last week, they've started searching people's pockets."

"Israeli democracy must not deteriorate to a place where a couple ascending the Temple Mount receives distancing orders for that act. The discrimination between people, on the basis of religion, race, and gender, must cease."

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