What's in a word? What does it matter if you say "infiltrator" or "asylum seeker"? If you replace "informers" with "Breaking the Silence"?

Conservative Prager University's website has produced a video explaining the Left's special talent for creating euphemisms and understanding the vital importance of semantics.

The film's moderator, conservative commentator Michael Knowles, refers to the so-called transgender issue and explains that the Left has invested enormous resources to call certain men "she" and certain women "he". He explains it has to do with the Left's need to sow confusion in the sexual realm, and to deny the natural distinctions between men and women.

Words have power

In the hands of the Left, "government spending" becomes an "investment", the video explains. "The desire to preserve the money you saved with great effort is considered 'greed', while taking more of someone else's money is them 'paying their fair share'." Opposed opinions are censored in the name of "tolerance" and any opinion that is not leftist is hate discourse. In the name of "diversity", the Left enforces ideological uniformity. In the name of "tolerance," it censors opinions that contradict its own.

The video also analyzes the concept of "social justice" and says that "justice means accepting what you deserve by right, without favor. Social justice means accepting what you do not deserve because you are favored."

"The manipulation of language paid off for the Left," concludes the video. "Who controls words, controls the culture. The culture war is a war of words; the Left is winning, and the results can be seen everywhere: In politics, education, and the media."

War of words
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