Patriot missile launcher
Patriot missile launcherIDF Spokesperson

Residents of northern Israel reported on Sunday a trail of smoke in the sky and the sound of explosions.

According to the IDF, a Patriot missile was shot at a target approaching the Syrian border with Israel.

"A short while ago, a Patriot aerial defense system missile was launched towards an unmanned aerial vehicle approaching the Israeli border from Syria. As a result, the vehicle retreated from the border. A hit was not identified," the IDF said.

"The IDF's aerial defense system identified the threat in advance before it crossed into Israeli territory.

"The IDF will not allow the State of Israel's aerial sovereignty to be violated and will operate to prevent any attempts to harm its civilians," the IDF emphasized.

The municipality of Tzfat said: "The noise heard throughout the city stems from the firing by our forces at a target in the Syrian region."

"Tzfat is in normal routine."