IDF soldiers near Hevron
IDF soldiers near HevronWissam Hashlamoun/Flash90

Israeli Border Police on Friday discovered two explosive devices near an IDF checkpoint at the entrance to the Cave of the Patriarchs.

One of the devices was a pipe bomb, and the second - discovered in the courtyard of a Palestinian Authority (PA) Arab's home - was an incendiary device.

Earlier on Friday, Border Police officers discovered a suspicious bottle in the courtyard of another PA home. Upon investigation, they discovered the bottle was connected to iron wires and smelled of explosive fluid.

The officers immediately cordoned off the scene, and called Border Police sappers to neutralize the explosives, which were deemed ready for use.

At the same time, the officers began searching the area, finding a pipe bomb near a checkpoint. Sappers arriving at the scene neutralized the pipe bomb.

No one was injured.