'Jew shall not torture Jew'
'Jew shall not torture Jew'Yoni Kempinski

The father of the minor accused of involvement in the Duma murder affair responded to the District Court decision to disqualify most of his son's confessions made under torture.

"We're happy that justice is emerging, and that the court ruled our son has nothing to do with the Duma incident story," the father told Arutz Shava. "The court's decision confirms what we said all along, our son was severely tortured during interrogations.

"We are steadfast in our demand for an immediate and independent commission of inquiry that will investigate the torture and the legal approval given for it," the father said.

"We demand the immediate release of our son from his harsh detention, and from the absolute isolation in which he sits today. These are the most difficult prison conditions in the State of Israel," the father added.

The court accepted only what the minor said to the informer to whom he provided a general statement about the story. The State Prosecutor's Office explained that the trial against him will continue, since the confessions collected from the main defendant in the case, Amiram Ben Uliel, also incriminate him. Defense attorneys made it clear that they hope following the court's determinations the minor will soon be released to house arrest.

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