Graffiti at Duma arson site
Graffiti at Duma arson siteFlash 90

The Lod District Court will publish its decision this afternoon, Tuesday, regarding the assertions made by the defendants in the Duma arson case, according to which their confessions, which they claim were extracted by Shin Bet interrogators with force and threats, are not admissible.

If the court accepts their claim, the closed-door trial will end and the two defendants - Amiram Ben Uliel and a minor who allegedly helped him - are expected to be released.

The attorneys of the defendants claim that the confessions given by the two right-wing activists were extracted through illegal torture and therefore cannot be relied upon for the trial.

The State Prosecutor's Office insists that the confessions of the accused were obtained after the use of "special means" and not during the actual process. In addition, the State Prosecutor's Office says that these measures were implemented with the approval of the Attorney General.

The incident in question in the village of Duma took place in July 2015. Early in the morning, the Dawabshe family house was torched after Molotov cocktails were thrown at it. Sa'ad and Riham Dawabshe and their youngest son Ali died in the fire.