Incendiary balloons
Incendiary balloons Police Spokesperson

Eliyahu Mughrabi, whose house was damaged by incendiary balloons launched from the Gaza Strip Sunday, recalled the harrowing moments when his granddaughter discovered the bomb-laden balloons – a discovery which could have easily ended in tragedy.

“My young granddaughter, Hili, saw the balloons and started to run towards them,” Mughrabi told Army Radio Monday morning.

“I shouted at her to run away [from them], and I gathered the entire family inside the house.”

The balloons were discovered Sunday, following a wave of incendiary balloon and ‘terror kite’ attacks by Gaza terrorists. Police sappers were dispatched to remove the devices.

In recent weeks, terrorists have launched balloons and kites rigged with improvised explosive or incendiary devices, sending them into Israeli territory.

Millions of shekels of property, including farm lands near the border, have been destroyed in the attacks.

Israeli fighter jets retaliated overnight for the incendiary balloon attacks, hitting nine Hamas targets inside the Gaza Strip.

Mughrabi expressed frustration with the extent of the IDF response, asking why the military did not strike directly at Hamas’ leadership following the balloon bomb attacks.

“I don’t understand why they don’t hit those who order those [terrorists] who launch the kites. Why are we afraid of a few Hamas terrorists?”

“Back when I was serving under southern front commanders, we would eliminate the [terrorist threat] even before something was launched [against us]. I don’t know what’s happened since then.”

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