AmbulanceHadas Parush/Flash 90

An eight-year-old boy was seriously injured after being struck by a vehicle in Elad Sunday.

Paramedics from United Hatzalah and Magen David Adom (MDA) arrived on the scene and provided the boy with first aid.

Ze'ev Tepper, a senior medic, said: "When I arrived there, together with a paramedic and paramedics, we gave initial medical treatment to an eight-year-old boy who was seriously injured."

"The child, suffering from bruises and injuries to his head and upper body, was evacuated to the intensive care unit to continue receiving medical treatment at Tel Hashomer Hospital and was unconscious."

An MDA spokesman stated: "At 18:03, a report was received at MDA 101 in the Yarkon area about a pedestrian injured by a vehicle on Rabbi Meir Street in Elad. Paramedics provided medical treatment and refered him to Shiba Hospital at Tel Hashomer with a head injury. "

The police reported that "a short time ago, a police report was received from the police on Meir Street in Elad, where a minor is evacuated to receive medical treatment for a Tel Hashomer hospital. An initial investigation revealed that a private car driver hit him as he crossed the road."