The U.S. Military’s European Command’s exercise, “Swift Response”, concluded today, Wednesday, June 13th, 2018. The exercise took place on German and Polish soil, and a company of combat soldiers and officers from the Paratroopers Brigade participated alongside their counterparts from EUCOM’s Paratroopers Brigade 173.

During the exercise, a parachuting drill took place in which Paratroopers landed on Polish soil and partook in exercises that included helicopter drills and combat training in various scenarios. At the end of the exercise, a symbolic exchange of Parachutist Badges took place between the Paratroopers of the IDF and EUCOM’s 173rd Brigade. This is the first time that the IDF has participated in an international EUCOM exercise abroad.

Commander of the “Orev” Company in the Paratroopers Brigade, Maj. Amir Puri stated: “Over the last two weeks, the IDF’s paratroopers have trained alongside their American counterparts, as well as combat soldiers from the Italian, British, and Spanish militaries, among others. At the height of the exercise, forces parachuted and landed on Polish soil, and trained to face various scenarios. I was particularly moved to parachute onto Polish land and to train alongside my friends in the U.S. Military on the 70th year since the establishment of the State of Israel, in an exercise that points to the strong relationship and cooperation between the IDF and the U.S. Military. It brings me great pride to lead the paratroopers who are representing the IDF and the State of Israel during this exercise. The most skilled of paratroopers participated, and this exercise was both challenging and productive for both the combat soldiers and their commanders.