Morning of Netiv Ha'avot's destruction
Morning of Netiv Ha'avot's destructionEliran Aharon

This morning I will go to Netiv Ha'avot. Last night I was there at the protest rally against the destruction of homes expected to take place there today.

The destruction is unnecessary and painful and disturbing since it was possible to reach an arrangement on the few meters where there was ostensible deviation from state land and thus prevent destroying families' homes.

There is no claim on the land and even after the destruction there will be an arrangement that will allow for reconstruction of the same place exactly where the houses will be demolished today.

Yohai Damari
Yohai Damariצילום: אלירן אהרון

It is impossible to ignore the swift trigger finger and demolition policy that the judicial system has in place in Judea and Samaria, as it only recently happened in Amona.

Those who make it easier to systematically and blatantly perform illegal construction in the Mount Hevron area, not by a few meters, but kilometers, can not be cleansed of a sense of harsh discrimination of one law for Jews and another for Arabs.

On this day our hearts are with the pioneers of settlement in Nativ Ha'avot. I represent the residents of Mount Hevron with a warm embrace for our neighbors in Gush Etzion in their difficult time; difficult for them and difficult for the Zionist enterprise.