Erdan visits Hadas Malka memorial
Erdan visits Hadas Malka memorial Spokesman

Public Security and Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan participated in the opening ceremony of the "Fighter" exhibition in memory of Border Policewoman Hadas Malka who was murdered in a Jerusalem attack.

"Thanks to Hadas and our wonderful warriors, Jerusalem is becoming a safer place and it will only grow stronger. We've deployed more policemen in the capital, operating doctrine has been improved, the city is networked with cameras, and this year, thank G-d, we have a dramatic drop in the number of attacks in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is vibrant as it has never been before," Erdan said.

"To be a warrior is to decide. Decide what you want, decide what you aspire to. Decide what's important to you. Decide what's important to the State."


Erdan addressed Malka's parents: "You, David and Geula, raised an exceptional young woman who decided to aspire to take the supreme responsibility and be willing to pay the dearest price for Jerusalem and for Israel."

Minister Erdan referred to the international internal security ministers' conference he initiated and will hold this week in Jerusalem. "This week, I will host ministers from many countries coming to Israel to learn how we deal with terror by lone individuals that threatens the world. They look at us, our experience, and ask how we cope. When you look at Hadas, you understand how. The answer is in spirit. The same spirit that stood at Damascus Gate, which is also the spirit of the people and of the entire country."

Hadas Malka was killed during an attack by a terrorist at the Damascus Gate about a year ago, while serving in the Border Police as part of career army service. She was 23 years old. The "Fighter" exhibition was established in her memory by Hadas' parents, to impart her heritage to posterity.