Yehoshua Sobol
Yehoshua SobolFlash 90

The Olive Tree Forum, which brings together Jewish and Arab intellectuals and artists, held a press conference in which they called for a cease-fire on the Gaza border on the eve of the anniversary of the Six-Day War.

The newspaper Israel Hayom reported that one of the forum members, author and playwright Yehoshua Sobol, expressed a curious understanding for kite terror that has so far burned thousands of acres of woodland and fields in the Gaza vicinity.

"I tried to imagine myself as a child in the Gaza Strip these days when my neighbors were killed or wounded, or relatives being returned home crippled or with pierced bodies; what would I do as a child?" Sobol asked aloud.

"I remember myself as a child in the Sharon in the 1940s, we flew kites, not incendiary kites, because we weren't desperate, but when a person's desperate, when a desperate youth doesn't care about anything, he'll leave behind scorched earth," Sobol said.

In recent months, Gaza Arabs have launched some 600 firebombs into Israeli territory, 400 of which have been neutralized by various means, but 200 have landed in Israeli territory, igniting fires and causing serious damage.