Netiv Ha'avot protest tents
Netiv Ha'avot protest tents Flash 90

Next Tuesday, police and Border Police forces will arrive at the Netiv Ha’avot neighborhood in Gush Etzion to evict 15 families and demolish their homes by order of the Supreme Court.

Fifteen homes in the neighborhood of Netiv Ha’avot in Elazar are facing demolition, following a Supreme Court ruling against the buildings after a strip of disputed land was found to run through the neighborhood.

The court has in the past rejected proposed compromises, including the removal of those portions of the homes which lay on the disputed land. In some cases, only small portions – as little as several feet – of the homes jut out into the disputed strip of land.

Instead, the government has approved plans for 350 new homes in Netiv Ha’avot, as well as plans for temporary housing for the residents of the homes now slated for demolition.

Rachel Bolvick, a resident of the neighborhood, is sorry for her house, built through much effort, which will now be demolished in order to be rebuilt in another two years. "There is no logic here and it is wrong, our houses will be demolished, our house will be full of equipment and food until the last minute, and from here they will take me to the caravans, where we will stay until our homes are rebuilt."

Bolvick is sorry all this is happening specifically under a right-wing government. “It is unbelievable that such a decision is made under a right-wing government. We essentially understand that they are demolishing the houses in order to rebuild them.”"Our houses are invested in and planned, including units for children when they get married and for parents when they get old, and we never thought they were temporary homes, it makes no sense for houses to be demolished and rebuilt. We will continue the struggle immediately after the eviction until they approve the building plan we received from the prime minister for Netiv Ha’avot and for the approval of construction of 350 housing units. "

Despite the pain, Bolvick told Arutz Sheva that this is a victory for settlement: "The leftists fell, they may have destroyed 15 houses and families, but we have received new, approved areas with a town building plan and another 350 houses and families."

Bolvick called on people to come and show support and participate in the protest and solidarity rally to be held next Monday evening at 6:00 pm, on the even of the eviction, at Netiv Ha’avot.

"It's important to us that everyone come to be with us during this difficult time, and we call on everyone who has been touched by this story to come and protest against destruction and terrible injustice.”