Shefi Paz
Shefi PazMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Shefi Paz, one of the leaders of the campaign to deport illegal infiltrators from Israel, reacted on Monday to the brawl between dozens of infiltrators in southern Tel Aviv on Sunday night.

Police arrested 13 suspects in the fight which broke out amid disagreements between opponents and supporters of the Eritrean government.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Paz wondered why the law enforcement authorities have been ignoring these incidents, noting that Sunday’s was not the first such brawl.

"This all began on Friday, a week and a half ago. These are street fights between supporters of the Eritrean regime and its opponents. I would to ask what supporters of the regime, who claim they are asylum seekers, are doing in Israel,” she said.

Paz described the street brawls as intolerable, saying, "People are afraid to leave their homes. [The southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of] Neve Sha'anan looks like the casbah in Shechem. Rock throwing, stabbings, bottles, clubs - it's really an atmosphere of war. How can people who are in Israel under the 'status' of asylum seekers conduct their tribal wars in Tel Aviv?"

"There is a lawlessness that is hard to believe exists. The police here have lost their deterrent power. They arrest only our activists who demonstrate, and not those who throw blocks. I do not understand why our country holds people who bring their wars here? Do we not have enough wars of our own?” she concluded.