IDF soldiers on Gaza border
IDF soldiers on Gaza borderFlash 90

Two Arab terrorists attempted to infiltrate into Israel Monday from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. The terrorists damaged the Israeli fence on the Gaza border, and attempted to cross over into Israeli territory near Kibbutz Nirim.

Israeli security forces stationed along the border spotted the two terrorists and opened fire.

One of the two terrorists was killed in the incident.

IDF forces later found that the terrorist killed in the shooting was carrying an axe.

According to an Israeli army spokesperson, the IDF troops opened fire on “two terrorists who damaged the security fence and were armed with an axe.”

The second terrorist was also shot while attempting to breach the Israeli border fence, but managed to escape capture.

The failed attempt to infiltrate into Israel comes after more than two months of rioting on the Israel-Gaza frontier and attempts to breach the Israeli security fence.

Tens of thousands of rioters in Gaza clashed with Israeli security forces along the border, hurling firebombs and burning tires at IDF soldiers while attempting to cut through the barrier and infiltrate into Israel en masse.

Axe carried by Gaza terrorist
Axe carried by Gaza terroristIDF spokesperson