Prayer in synagogue
Prayer in synagogueFlash 90
Rabbi Ben Tzion Mutzafi, one of the leading Sephardic halakhic authorities, was recently asked on the Internet website he operates for questioners, what is the ruling of a person who prays after prayer time and before midday.

"Is it permissible to pray the morning amida prayer after prayer time and before midday, and is there a difference between men and women in this regard?" the rabbi was asked.

In his response, Rabbi Mutzafi clarified that "a man doing so enters into serious halakhic controversy, and he should fine himself at least an amount like the 250 NIS ($70) he would pay for parking in a prohibited place." As for women, he said that "a woman may post factum (b'diavad) pray until midday."

Another question dealt with disposable napkins printed with "Shabbat Shalom". The rabbi was asked whether it was permissible to throw them into the trash or if they require special geniza burial.

In his answer, the rabbi ruled that one should "wrap them and throw them in the garbage", because the words "Shabbat" and "Shalom" are sacred, as mentioned in the Zohar:

"And the word 'Shalom' is the Blessed One's name, as mentioned in the Talmud Tractate Shabbat 10b: 'Rabbi Hamnuna said in the name of Ula: "It is forbidden for a person to offer greetings of 'Shalom - peace' to his friend in the bathhouse, as it is said (Judges 6:24), 'And he called it, G-d is Shalom'."