Atlanta resident Matt Lewis spoke to Arutz Sheva about a unique initiative which began with one of the members of his synagogue: Creating an Israeli flag out of cookies, to break the world record.

Lewis, who serves as co-chair of Cookies for Israel, said the synagogue member who suggested it works in the synagogue, and read about a year ago that Pakistan had made broken Guinness' record, honoring the country's seventieth anniversary.

"He said we should do the same for Israel's seventieth anniversary, and it would be like a hug and a kiss for Israel," Lewis explained.

The goal is to make the flag out of 100,000 cookies, breaking the record for "cookie flags."

Admitting that blue cookies can be difficult to find, Lewis explained that a New York bakery will coat 35% of the cookies with blue icing, to create the Star of David and the flag's two blue stripes.

Lewis also called on Jews worldwide to donate to a special fund set up to cover the costs of the project.

"Each cookie costs $10, and the money is sent directly to Israeli organizations, like One Family (an organization which helps victims of terror attacks - ed.) and United Hatzalah," he explained.

So far, about ten percent of the funds have been raised, and in five days, there will be a "major push" just before the campaign ends, Lewis added. Donations have come in from people in South America, Africa, Israel, and other countries around the world.

"We want people from around the world to participate," he said.

The flag will be put together in the event hall at Atlanta's synagogue, and viewers worldwide will be able to view it via their website.