Rocket attacks
Rocket attacksNati Shohat/Flash90

Ahuva and Michel Madar, both residents of Sderot, wed on Tuesday evening in Ashkelon - just after Hamas began firing barrages of rockets and mortars into Israeli territory.

In the middle of their wedding, an air raid siren sounded, causing some of the guests to run for shelter.

"While we were preparing for the wedding, there were two air raid sirens and I ran to a bomb shelter," the groom told Channel 12.

"We were concerned that some of the guests who live in central Israel would not come to our wedding, but the hall was filled to the brim with guests. There were some families who were nervous about coming, and we were slightly disappointed, but we understand them. It's unpleasant to be here when a siren sounds."

Shenhav Ratzbi, who attended the wedding, said: "During the main course, there was an air raid siren. There was a lot of pressure, and the bride started to panic."

The bride, Ahuva, said: "I couldn't believe there was an air raid siren in the middle of the event, but when I walked into the area where they were dancing and I saw all my friends and family around me, I was less worried."

"I don't regret getting married in Ashkelon, and this morning, I'm happily married."