Jailed terrorist
Jailed terroristFlash 90

Ron Kerman, the father of Tal Kerman, who was murdered in a bus bombing on bus No. 37 15 years ago, hopes that Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan's directive to prevent Hamas terrorists from watching the soccer World Cup on television will be carried out by the Israel Prison Service.

"I welcome the decision, but I'm quite skeptical considering the fact that all kinds of ideas that are brought up end up dissolving over time," Kerman said. "We heard about the law of offsetting payments [that the Palestinian Authority makes to terrorists and their families]. There is also a sub-clause that the defense minister can cancel it. So even here I will not believe it until it happens."

The bereaved father explained that the punishment imposed on the terrorists should include sitting in jail and not watching television. "I am afraid that the prison system and managers want quiet and they will want to pay the price of allowing them to see the World Cup."

"I heard the PA minister of prisoners fear that they would not watch television, and I asked: If they were athletes, why are they busy with murder and not sports," Kerman said, adding: "It is not a violation of the law not to show the World Cup to these murderers."

Yesterday, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) ordered the Israel Prison Service (IPS) to prevent Hamas terrorists imprisoned in Israel from watching broadcasts of the soccer World Cup.