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A preacher on official Palestinian Authority TV threatened that the Palestinian Arabs or Muslims in general will "soon" conquer Jerusalem "by force," unless it is handed over "peacefully," Palestinian Media Watch reported.

The preacher called on Allah to help "drive out the Jews" from Jerusalem, using the Muslims to do so. The preacher compared this to the way Allah helped drive out the crusaders who "left it humiliated and disgraced, dragging their tails behind them."

The same preacher asked Allah to "punish the wicked Jews" and prayed for their genocide in another sermon, which was broadcast by official PA TV in 2016 and exposed by Palestinian Media Watch:

The following is a longer excerpt of the sermon:

Friday sermon broadcast from the Al-Omari Mosque in El-Bireh by one of the mosque's regular preachers

Al-Omari Mosque preacher: "A few days ago, on Wednesday [April 11, 2018], a conference was held in this country, the Ninth International [Islamic] Jerusalem Conference, and people flocked there from everywhere, both Muslims and Arabs, and Europeans and other non-Muslims. And at the conference they determined that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine, and that it is a religious, Shari'ah, and historical right of the Muslims, and of no one else but them. Following this conference, we thank its participants who clarified the status of Jerusalem, among them non-Muslims who do not say 'There is no God but Allah' - but they are fair, they are courageous, and they are from the free people of the world who clarified the Muslims' right to this country, and clarified that the Jews are nothing but an arrogant and tyrannical enemy that is occupying the land of Jerusalem and the land of Palestine, and that they have no right to arrogance, tyranny, and occupation...

"We also note our thanks to the Palestinian leadership for its stable, determined, and courageous position regarding the decision of the failed American administration, which declared Jerusalem the capital of the state of the Jews and the capital of the Zionist entity, and this decision has no effect on our principles and values, and Allah willing we continue to walk in the path of our Prophet [Muhammad] and the path of his comrades... and in the path of the great leaders from among the conquerors of the lands of Islam, such as Saladin Al-Ayyubi (i.e., founder of the Ayyubid dynasty), may Allah's mercy be upon him. And Blessed Allah willing, we will soon take what was taken from us, if not peacefully then by force, Allah willing. And Almighty Allah is with us, Allah will not abandon believers who testify that He is just and that his blessed prophet is the true prophet.

"How long did the European Crusaders live in this country? They lived here nearly 100 years, but by Allah's will, they left it humiliated.

"They left it humiliated and disgraced, dragging their tails behind them, because Allah inscribed for this [Islamic] nation eternity and victory... Allah, protect our Al-Aqsa Mosque and our Jerusalem for us, and return it to the rule and sovereignty of the Muslims. Allah, drive the Jews out of it, humiliated and disgraced, by means of those [the Muslims] who are monotheists, humble, and purified."