Wolfgang Sedlmeir, priest of Our-Lady of Aalen in Germany, protested remarks by Alternative for Germany (AfD) party leader Alice Weidel on the Islamic veil by wearing one during his Pentecostal sermon, reports Voice of Europe.

“I can tell you that burqas, headscarf girls, and men armed with knives living on welfare, will not assure our prosperity nor our economical growth and even less our welfare state,” Weidel said during a debate in German parliament.

Alice Weidel of the Anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD)
Alice Weidel of the Anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD)צילום: Reuters

Sedlmeier, protesting what he called “offensive and condescendent [sic] remarks”, wore an Islamic veil during his sermon and was met with applause by his parishioners.

“Anyone who discriminate against people who follow their faith and hose [sic] to cover their heads, is going against human dignity and the Pentecostal spirit,” explained Sedlmeier.

Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer commented that "Sedlmeier’s virtue is amply signaled," wondering whether "the sharp increase in rape and other crimes [is] because of Muslim migrants? Noticing such matters is also 'racism'. Noticing that some Muslim women have been brutalized and even murdered for not wearing the hijab Sedlmeier cheerfully donned? Also 'racism'.

"Pope Francis is likely to give Sedlmeier a red hat for this," Spencer added.

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