Impossible Burgers — the meatless burgers made directly from proteins — are now certified kosher and pareve.

The Orthodox Union, or OU, the United States’ largest kosher certification agency, has certified the burgers as kosher, the burgers’ producer, Impossible Foods, announced Tuesday. Because the burgers are made without animal products, they can be eaten with either milk or meat — including cheese — without violating Jewish law.

“Getting kosher certification is an important milestone,” said Patrick O. Brown, Impossible Foods CEO and founder. “We want the Impossible Burger to be ubiquitous, and that means it must be affordable and accessible to everyone — including people who have food restrictions for religious reasons.”

The burgers are different from traditional veggie burgers because they are made directly from proteins and other ingredients including wheat protein, potato protein and coconut oil. The key ingredient, according to the company, is a protein called heme that gives the burgers their meaty taste and texture.

Impossible Burgers are in the process of receiving halal certification, which should come through later this year, according to the company.