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For weeks police detectives tried to capture two suspects who had taken advantage of a "malfunction" in a car leaving a bank. While the driver was distracted fixing the problem, one of the suspects stole a bag containing a large sum of money.

Detectives discovered the suspects' modus operandi: They would arrive near banks in Ashkelon and look for a vehicle whose owner was in the bank.

In this case one suspect approached the marked vehicle and punctured its tire. After the owner returned to the vehicle, the suspects waited for him to notice the problem and begin attaching the spare. During this time one of the suspects approached the vehicle and took the bag containing thousands of shekels.

As part of the investigation the suspects were spotted near a bank on Hagvura Street in Ashkelon. Police detectives spotted a civilian exiting the bank and approaching his car, then discovering a flat tire.

The citizen summoned a road repair professional to help replace the wheel. The two detectives noticed one of the suspects get out of a nearby vehicle, go to the busy civilian's car and take a bag placed on the car seat and then return quickly to the vehicle from which he left.

Police detectives quickly reacted to the incident and arrested the two suspects with the bag they had stolen from the citizen's vehicle, a bag that, unfortunately for the thieves, contained boureka pastries the car owner had purchased immediately after leaving the bank. Police did not disclose whether the stolen bourekas contained cheese or potato filling, or whether investigators retained the savory, salty delicacies to be used as evidence.

The two suspects who were arrested were transferred to police investigation, where it turned out that one of them was a 41-year-old illegal resident from Georgia. The second suspect, a 56-year-old Ashdod resident, said he stole the bourekas because he was hungry. Remand of the two men was extended in recent days and an indictment was filed against them in the Ashkelon court.

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