Buses stop near Jerusalem's Central Bus Station
Buses stop near Jerusalem's Central Bus Station Hadas Parush/ Flash90

Israel Police apprehended a suspect carrying a knife just outside of Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station Thursday afternoon.

At just before 3:50 p.m., security guards stationed at the entrance of the Central Bus Station reported that they had found a knife concealed on the suspect’s person.

Police were quickly dispatched to the scene, and managed to apprehend the suspect. Officers found suspect had been carrying the blade of a box-cutter on his person.

The suspect has been transferred for interrogation.

According to a report by Channel 20, the suspect has been identified as an Arab, but police have not confirmed if the man was planning a terrorist stabbing attack.

The incident occurred on during the first day of Ramadan, raising concerns the suspect may have been plotting a stabbing attack.

Ramadan, which begins with the sighting of the new moon, began Wednesday evening after the new moon was not sighted in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.