Getting chilly for Nasrallah?
Getting chilly for Nasrallah? Reuters

The visit to Beirut a few days ago of Qassem Suleimani, chief of the Al Quds Force, the special forces unit of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, did not go as planned, reports IntelligenceOnline France. He came to ask Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah to continue raising tensions with Israel in south Lebanon, but was refused entry. Hezbollah is still deployed in Syria. However, as a result, there is speculation in Beirut that Nasrallah may soon be summoned to Tehran to explain his position to his patron.

Two days ago Nasrallah said additional Israeli attacks on Syria would result in a response on "the heart of Israel", possibly indicating willingness to return to threats, but not active attack.

Iran’s Quds Force had fired 20 rockets at the Golan Heights from positions in southern Syria. Four rockets were shot down and the remaining 16 landed inside Syrian territory.

Israel Air Force jets retaliated later that night with pinpoint airstrikes against a dozen Iranian targets across Syria, killing 18 Iranians and 5 Syrian troops.

Declaring "the beginning of a new stage in the fighting," Nasrallah claimed Iran's attack against Israel was in response to Israel's aggressive policy in Syria. He said the Israeli air force bombed empty positions in response and did not cause significant damage.