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Islam expert Dr. Ephraim Herrera spoke to Arutz Sheva about the Gaza border riots and Israel's response: "Until now, Hamas failed completely. Last week, after destroying the tunnel that threatened Israel's border, they said the answer would come on Monday, and 'a million people who will attempt to realize their right of return'.

"Out of a million they managed to bring five thousand - that's what they could muster, 5% - and the few terrorists who reached the fence paid the price they deserved to pay, a great success when you talk about 50-60 killed; that's a very low number. It averages out to about ten attempts with five killed in each, while some of them died blowing themselves up with bombs, and those who tried to damage the fence and cross the international border, and they paid for it with their lives.

"They deserve it. The IDF behaved with great restraint, and until now succeeded in stopping this scheme. We've returned to the Ben-Gurionesque policy against Iran, against Syria, also against Hamas; all-in-all it brings success after success. I hope after today, the day they call 'Nakba', which according to the Gregorian calendar falls out on our Independence Day and it's also beginning of Ramadan which is the month of Jihad, the IDF will know again how to stop them, and not allow them to actualize their insane designs. I saw kites with 'We will liberate Palestine' on them, and they send out flyers that call us monkeys and pigs to be killed, cursed unto Allah; they're still living in their dream, so we'll help anyone approaching the fence to meet their virgins up above."

Male Muslims think they will be rewarded after death with 72 perpetually rejuvenating virgins, a peculiarity of Islam that has inspired one Samaria oil manufacturer to produce what he called '73 Brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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