IDF ready
IDF ready IDF Spokesman

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman today addressed the Gaza riots expected to continue in the coming hours due to "Nakba Day".

"Yesterday tens of thousands of Israelis gathered in Rabin Square for a musical performance. In Gaza on the other hand, thousands gathered to infiltrate into Israel for terrorist activities. This is the difference between Israel's culture of life and Hamas' culture of death in Gaza," Liberman said.

Reinforced IDF soldiers deployed this morning adjacent to Gaza in preparation for riots in which tens of thousands of Arabs will take part, coordinated by Hamas.

תיעוד: הצתת מעבר כרם שלום ותקיפה אווירית על יעדי חמאס דובר צה"ל

The three brigades assigned by the army for the mission are on full alert. Observation balloons pass information to intelligence centers, snipers are deployed in the field, and an aerial umbrella including drones and other means brings a picture of the situation from deep within Gaza.

Under Liberman's guidance the Kerem Shalom crossing will be open today after it was closed for the past ten days and was even set on fire by the rioters. The crossing between Rafah and Gaza is also open today as an Egyptian gesture to Gaza residents.

Yesterday, IDF forces killed 59 rioting terrorists and fence saboteurs penetrating into Israeli territory. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced yesterday a general strike along with three days of mourning to leverage the disturbances on the Gaza border.

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