A bus driver for the Egged bus company was assaulted on Monday by a passenger in the northern Israeli city of Nesher.

The incident was filmed by another passenger in a video which later went viral on social media networks.

According to Egged spokesman Ron Ratner, the incident occurred on a bus from Egged’s 146 bus line. The passenger accosted the driver after he claimed the driver closed the doors on him.

The passenger cursed the driver, then began to beat him.

Other passengers watched the altercation, and called emergency services.

An emergency medical response team was dispatched to the scene to treat the driver for injuries he received during the attack. The driver was then evacuated to a local hospital.

“We strongly condemn any act of violence against drivers or other staff members, and we call on the police to bring the perpetrator to justice,” an Egged spokesperson said in a statement.