Young Israel Organization in New York Chairman Dr. Joe Frager spoke to Republican US Senatorial candidate for New York Chele Farley at the foot of the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron. The two arrived there after visiting an IDF training base and saw a Hamas terror tunnel first-hand.

"The Hamas tunnels were extremely extensive; I was surprised at how large they were," commented Farley. Regarding the IDF Commander-led tour of a Negev training base, Farley said, "I think the training facility the Israelis have built seems very impressive."

During the tour the subject of incendiary kites flown from Gaza was raised. "I was impressed when he said that those kites were always being sent out by children, and that they [the IDF] refuse to hurt the children, because the children really had no idea what they were doing."

Asked about the Trump Administration intention to cut UN funds that end up with Hamas. "I think the Taylor Force Act is a great start; it prevents funds going to the families of terrorists who are killing Americans, Israelis; really who are killing anyone, we shouldn't be rewarding. And I think that that was wonderful that it finally passed in March, and I support that action."

Farley experiences a special fascination visiting the Patriarch's Cave: "Incredibly impressive; I cannot believe that King Herod built this 2,000 years ago. It's absolutely spectacular; it's a feat of engineering. And as an engineer, that meant quite a bit to me. But it's very inspiring to go in there and actually be able to pray at the Tomb of Abraham."