Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Michael Oren (Kulanu), who previously served as an Israeli ambassador to the US, spoke with Arutz Sheva about the US Embassy move and its consequences globally.

"Presidents were afraid. They were afraid of international repercussions, reactions in the so-called Arab street," Oren said. "It's not to be taken lightly that this administration exhibited tremendous courage, tremendous resilience in standing up to often brutal opposition - opposition from the world community, opposition from the media - and it stood fast."

Oren also said that he believes that "by moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, President Trump has strengthened his hand throughout the world."

"America's hand will be strengthened internationally, and that's always good for Israel, it's good for the Middle East, it's good for the world. I think that the chances actually for progress towards some type of change in the status quo for the Palestinians is also very good."

Regarding the chance that Israel will be forced to pay a price for the Embassy move, Oren said, "I think that's a possibility. And the President has actually said it openly. He tweeted it twice. And we have to be prepared for that."

"I think the important thing to remember is that we have a very broad spectrum of crucial interests with this administration. It's Iran, it's Syria, it's Gaza, it's the United Nations. They're standing with us - let's try to be as flexible and open-minded as we can when the administration asks us to do things."