Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat hailed the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in a special video message released Monday, just hours before the opening ceremony for the new embassy.

The mayor thanked President Donald Trump, who ordered the embassy move in December, after declaring that the US recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

"Thank you President Trump! By bringing the US embassy to its rightful home in Jerusalem, you have shown that you stand with Israel, and you stand with the truth. America, Jerusalem is ready for you.”

The move, Barkat noted, had prompted other nations, including Guatemala, to follow suit.

Guatemala is slated to relocate its embassy to Israel’s capital on Wednesday.

“Guatemala has followed in your footsteps, and many more countries are choosing to follow your lead and do the right thing. Here, in the city of King David, where Israel's kings and prophets walked, we're bringing Jerusalem back to its former glory."

"I call on representatives of all nations around the world to be a part of Jerusalem's unique role in the miraculous return of the Jewish people to our eternal homeland. Be a part of making Isaiah's prophecy come to pass."

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