Rivlin with Yael, sister of Sergeant David (Dudi) Degani
Rivlin with Yael, sister of Sergeant David (Dudi) Degani Mark Neiman GPO

President Reuven Rivlin spoke Sunday at a ceremony on Mount Herzl commemorating the fallen of the Six Day War to mark the 51st anniversary of the war. Rivlin laid a wreath in memory of the fallen.

The president said at the ceremony at the Mount Herzl military ceremony: "Those who lived here in those days will not forget the tension, the heroism, the dedication to the mission, the victory and the sacrifice."

"It was a war of life or death. And then, instead of calm, came the war after the war. A complex and difficult period - the War of Attrition. A bloody war that left a deep mark of sorrow and pain on the State of Israel.

"More than half a century has passed. Since then we have signed peace agreements with our neighbors, Egypt and Jordan, and our security and economic situation is immeasurably better. However, there are other threats that we must address," he said, referring to the Iranian threat. "The State of Israel is prepared for every scenario. Yes, today whoever tries to harm us by force will be forcibly defeated."

"Israel is not alone. The decision by the president of the United States, Israel's great friend, to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran and to restore the sanctions is an important and significant step to ensure Israel's security, the security of the region, and the security of the entire free world. Iran continues to pose a real threat to the well-being of Israel and a subversive and dangerous factor that threatens the stability of the region. We do not forget for a moment the arms race that Iran is leading by our borders and we follow the developments closely and responsibly in order to preserve the security of the State of Israel and its citizens.

"We never gave up our dream of living here in peace with our neighbors. We will continue to fight firmly and resolutely every time war is forced upon us. And we will strive for peace and security with the same strength and determination. We are not eager for battle. The caution and restraint, the same Israeli government's restraints led by Prime Minister Eshkol, was perceived by the public as a hesitation 51 years ago, along with meticulous planning - are the things that enabled us to win that great victory. They guide us even now.

At the end of his speech, the president turned to the families of the fallen and said: "The families, comrades in arms, there is no war and no victory that has no price. This price, the most precious one, was paid by you, the families. And this price we will remember and appreciate, and we shall do everything to deserve it. To be worthy of their memory. The souls of the sons and daughters will be bound up in the bundle of life. The souls of the sons and daughters will be bound up in the bundle of life."

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