Damascus Gate
Damascus Gateצילום: אמריקן קולוני או מטסון

In honor of Jerusalem Day, the City of David Archive presents a selection of photos taken in Jerusalem over the past 150 years.

The photographs, most of which were taken between 1898 and 1946, were compiled into an album showing familiar areas of Jerusalem, but from a less-than-familiar perspective.

For example, one photo depicts British soldiers resting on the slopes of the City of David against the backdrop of the Old City and the Temple Mount. The famous Shiloah Tunnel in the City of David is documented during the Ottoman period with a Turkish soldier marching within it.

In one picture of the Western Wall, men and women pray together. In a photo from the Village of Shiloah, Yemenite immigrants journey to the Gihon Spring to draw water and in another, busy merchants enjoy a lively day of commerce near the Damascus Gate while another depicts a solitary Jewish man walking through the alleys of the Old City of Jerusalem.