Attorney Yair Gabbai, former Jerusalem council member and currently a member of "Keep Jerusalem," called on Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat to fight to remove the United Nations (UN) from its Jerusalem compound.

Gabbai noted that the UN headquarters is in a neighborhood adjacent to where the US Embassy will be inaugurated on Monday.

"We cannot leave the UN in Jerusalem," he said. "We are the sovereign entity here. We need to evacuate the UN from Jerusalem tomorrow morning."

"The UN headquarters is here for one purpose: They want Jerusalem divided, and we will not give them any power to promote this idea. We have to take them out of Jerusalem, and we have to build here thousands of new residential units for Jerusalemites.

Gabbai also noted that the UN headquarters took over dozens of dunams of land without permission.

"The land and the buildings do not belong to the UN," he emphasized. "Not only that, the UN took over forty additional dunams (9.89 acres) in a criminal fashion. This has to stop."