Traffic Police
Traffic Policepolice spokesperson

The traffic division of the Israel Police has significantly increased enforcement against drivers who do not strictly follow the law and drive in the right lane, in order to enable a continuous and optimal flow of traffic on the roads, and to allow drivers to safely use the left lane to bypass.

Since the beginning of 2018, there has been a rise of tens of percent in enforcement and more than 17,000 reports have been registered to drivers who committed the offense of not keeping to the right lane.

"It is the duty of a driver on the road to keep to the right lane during his journey," say the Israel Police. "Driving on the left lane constitutes a disturbance to movement and delays the other drivers on the road, while the left lane is intended to circumvent vehicles only."

According to the law, failure to keep to the right constitutes an offense that carries a fine of NIS 250 ($70) and six marks against the motorist's driver's license.