Religious Zionist soldier prays
Religious Zionist soldier praysFlash 90

A new survey found that over 29% percent of Israeli Jews identify with the values associated with Religious Zionism, despite not being religiously observant themselves in what is another sign of Religious Zionism's growing influence across Israeli society.

According to the study, which was carried out by Israel Democracy Institute, almost a third of Israelis identify with the tenets of Religious Zionism, an outsized number compared to the 11% of the population that is Religious Zionist. The findings are identical with a separate study in November which found that 29% of Israelis feel connected with Religious Zionism.

The poll was commisioned by the Unity Conference, which will feature hundreds of Religious Zionist rabbis in Jerusalem on Thursday.

"These figures show us that every third citizen in Israel sees himself as belonging to the values of religious Zionism, regardless of whether he observes Torah and mitzvot," said Unity Conference organizers. "Our public has a very strong moral statement that attracts other audiences, and it obligates us to consider this."

Researchers at the Israel Democracy Institute, who first identified the phenomenon, said Religious Zionism's influence currently rivals the power wielded by the kibbutz movement in the early years of the state. During Israel's first three decades, the Kibbutz movement was a major center of influence despite being less than 10% of the population and many Israelis identified with its values.