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Donald TrumpReuters

A senior US official believes US President Donald Trump's decision to leave the 2015 "Iran deal" was meant not only to solve the Iranian problem, but to send a message to North Korea as well.

"It wasn't for naught that President Trump mentioned the fact that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on his way to Pyongyang in his speech on withdrawing from the Iran deal," the source said.

"There's a clear message here to Kim Jong-un: If you act like the Iranians, you will receive similar treatment. If we come to an agreement between us, you will receive legitimacy."

A State Department representative told Arutz Sheva, "There's no doubt that the fact that the President did not say he wouldn't sit down and talk with Iran about a new deal will be noticed by the government in Pyongyang as well."

"Just like he initiated a discussion with North Korea, which is slowly making progress, he expects the Iranians to understand that there is no option other than to sit down and compromise. Kim needs to understand that America wants peace, but is unwilling to sacrifice world security in any way."