Picture of the wedding
Picture of the wedding Channel 10

The Jerusalem District Court accepted the State's appeal in what Israeli media have dubbed the "Wedding of Hatred" affair and overturned the city Magistrate's Court decision canceling the indictment against the five youths due to procedural flaws.

Police last year arrested a groom after a wedding video from the event was leaked to the media showing Jews appearing to celebrate the Duma arson while waving weapons.

The main flaw found by the Magistrate's Court in filing the indictment is the Attorney General's written consent to the submission came only several months after the indictment was actually filed.

The District Court judges accepted the State's argument that sending an e-mail dealing with connected public relations issues is tantamount to Attorney General approval.

Attorney Moshe Polski, who represents the minors on behalf of the Honenu legal aid organization said in response to the decision that "the ruling established a 'new standard' regarding the meaning of written approval, while emptying of content explicit law and customary practice. Also the State Attorney's Office, with the approval of the legal advisor, in an orderly manner and in an official written document bearing the attorney general's signature authorized the prosecution's faulty conduct in the case. We'll consider appealing the matter to the Supreme Court."

Honeinu Attorney Adi Keidar added: "On the one hand, the District Court's decision is regrettable. On the other hand, we're pleased the facts in this case will be made public in the court. The public will be exposed to the huge resources invested in the case and especially the fact that at the end of the day the police and the prosecution are the ones who took pictures and videos from a private event and actually caused the publication they now attribute to the defendants.

"In addition, over the years, we've been witness to routine shooting during weddings in the Arab sector that haven't been enforced and prosecuted," Kedar noted.