Bennett and Shaked
Bennett and ShakedEliran Aharon

Jewish Home Chairman Minister Naftali Bennett made it clear this afternoon at the start of the faction meeting that his party is determined to continue passage of the Overrule Clause that would under specified conditions allow the Knesset to re-enact laws that the Supreme Court has ruled out.

"If you have a solution to get the infiltrators out of Israel, you should present it; if you have a solution to reign in the Supreme Court, show us. We're willing to wait a few more days," Bennett said, following claims that his faction prevented reaching an agreement by demanding a vote on the law in the ministerial committee yesterday.

Bennett noted that the current motivating factor is the infiltrator issue. "The Supreme Court left the State without a solution and therefore we acted. We wanted the Overrule Clause and on that basis to allow the Hulot facility to be opened and to re-enact the Infiltration Law, thus removing 20,000 illegal infiltrators a year. Just like it worked in 2014. I know no other solution.

"The law passed yesterday unanimously. This is a national and responsible government, not an extremist one. Netanyahu and Kahlon need a few more days to reach a solution. But we say we brought a solution to expel 20,000 infiltrators. If you have another solution, present it. If you have a solution to reign in the judicial system, show us."

Bennett made clear his party would agree to wait several days, but not forever, "We'll continue to promote the enactment of the law. We'll give it a few days to exhaust possibilities to arrive at agreements. Netanyahu signed in front us a commitment to pass this law. And so my expectation is that he pass the agreements. It's our responsibility. That's why we were elected."

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