Netta Barzilai, Israeli contestent in Eurovision 2018
Netta Barzilai, Israeli contestent in Eurovision 2018 Yossi Zamir/Flash90

Shortly before the Eurovision song contest kicks off in Lisbon, BDS activists have come out with a campaign against the Israeli competitor in the contest, Netta Barzilai, calling for “Zero points to the song of Israeli apartheid.”

In a detailed address to other countries competing in the annual competition, the activists accuse Barzilai of being complicit in Israeli efforts to “rebrand” itself.

They write that “Barzilai served in the Israeli navy in 2014. She sang ‘My Sailor is My Angel’ to navy members, who took part later that year in the ‘Protective Edge’ massacre in Gaza.”

“The gunboat crews whom Netta Barzilai sent off with her songs played a part in the Gaza carnage,” the activists assert.

They continue that, while Barzilai’s song entry “is all about women’s empowerment and social justice,” it does “not address the Israeli navy's massacres in Gaza. Nor does it seek to empower the women of the Gaza open-air prison.”

“The Israeli song is widely promoted on the net, in a massive propaganda campaign very generously funded by the Israeli government. Netnayahu [sic] and his ministers and generals would like nothing better than for Netta Barzilai to win the Eurovision contest.

“If you live in one of the participating countries, take care to participate in the televoting and give Israeli Apartheid zero points – and ask your friends and family and anyone you know to do the same. If the Israeli song is eliminated already at the semi-finals – well and good, nothing further should be done. If the song does get into the finals on 13 May, then the effort should be repeated and redoubled,” they urge.

The Israeli delegation, which online gambling sites currently favor to win the competition, has decided not to address the anti-Israel campaign.