Gaza border
Gaza borderIDF Spokesperson

The IDF bombed a Hamas position in Gaza on Sunday morning that was responsible for launching burning kites into Israel.

"We will continue to act against terrorist acts above and below ground, and we see the Hamas terrorist organization as solely responsible for what is going on in and out of the Gaza Strip," said the IDF.

The bombing comes as the military attempts to contend with the phenomenon of Gazans launching burning kites into Israel. In recent weeks, during the violent riots by Gazans along the border, the rioters have flown kites with firebombs attached to them into Israeli territory with the purpose of burning down fields belonging to Israeli farmers.

To date, these “firebomb kites” have caused damage of several million shekels .On Thursday, one such kite caused an enormous forest fire, which ten firefighting teams fought for hours to put out. Earlier in the week, another kite burned an entire wheat field.

The military also fears that Hamas will utilize sites to smuggle bombs into Israel. On Friday, the IDF ordered security personnel in towns bordering Gaza to warn civilians not to touch any kites found, since they may be booby-trapped with explosives.

"The burning kite phenomenon is not something we don't see, and we consider it a very serious issue," tweeted IDF Arabic Spokesperson Avichai Ederi.

In an Arabic-language tweet, Edery wrote, "Explosive kites are not children's toys, and we do not see them as such. From the IDF's perspective, Hamas is responsible for everything which occurs in, and is launched from, Gaza."

"Residents of Gaza - Hamas is using you, and is dragging you into the circle of terror. On 'Workers' Friday,' as Hamas calls it, we suggest you stop working for Hamas and start making them work for you and solve your problems."