Sarshalom Jerbi
Sarshalom Jerbi Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The director of the National Service Authority, Sarshalom Jerbi, informed Hagai El-Ad, the director of the radical leftist organization B'Tselem that he is freezing the national service for B'Tselem as a result of El-Ad's refusal to attend a hearing

El-Ad was summoned for a clarification hearing after the organization called on IDF soldiers to refuse orders and not to fire at violent rioters in Gaza.

El-Ad refused to attend the hearing with the National Service Authority, and claimed that the director general of the service authority has no authority to cancel B'Tselem's national service.

"With all due respect, you are not authorized to make any legal decisions, let alone to determine whether or not someone committed a criminal offense," wrote El-Ad. "The last time I checked, in the State of Israel only courts are authorized to determine that a person or a body has committed an offense, and even the prosecutor's office is authorized only to accuse individuals or bodies."

Gerbi did not accept El-Ad's arguments and noted in a letter he sent to him that "because your arguments are unacceptable to us and you refuse to attend a meeting at the Authority's offices to make your comments on the matter, I hereby inform you of the suspension of the body's approval of B'Tselem immediately."