Bnei Tzion Mechina in Tel Aviv
Bnei Tzion Mechina in Tel Aviv Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Two days before the hike of the Bnei Tzion pre-military preparatory academy in the Negev, the educational staff sought to reassure the students who were to participate in the ill-fated trip and made it clear that the trip would take place as planned and that they would not be in any danger.

Correspondence obtained by News 2 reveals that the school staff downplayed the dangers of the inclement weather. When was student asked if the trip would occur despite the weather, the student was answered: "As some of you have noticed, some of the days of the trip may have rainy weather in the south, and the trip will still going on."

The response continued: "Do not worry. We are well-prepared for the trip and will coordinate with the appropriate bodies. It will be a wet and fun experience."

When one of the students asked if the hike in Nahal Ze'elim would still take place, the school responded that "if there will not be floods then [the hike] will be in Nahal Ze'elim, and now they are preparing a different route that does not pass through the port and it will be safe for a trip."

Ten students were killed when they were swept away by a flash flood while hiking in Nahal Tzafit Thursday.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the disaster, and have questioned three staff members in connection with the hike.

Two of the three have been placed under arrest, while the third was released to house arrest.