Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen Reuters

American football star Josh Rosen, whose father is Jewish, absorbs a lot of anti-Semitic curses during games, but he says he enjoys it.

Rosen, who played quarterback on the UCLA team, was interviewed on the NFL professional league website for his upcoming entry into the league this year.

"I get a lot of Jewish remarks," he said. "Especially about my nose. They say, for instance, 'Stay in your place, you Jew bastard ... I'll break your filthy nose, you Jew.'"

However, Rosen claims, he actually enjoys it "when people try to get into my brain... It gets my competitive juices flowing," he added.

In an article published about him in 2014 he said he did a bar mitzvah and participates in the Passover Seder each year - but also celebrates Christmas and describes himself as "kind of an atheist."

His father is the renowned orthopedic surgeon Charles Rosen. His mother is a Christian Quaker.