Armed robbery
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Lod Central District Court judges today issued a life sentence and another 18 years in prison to Gabi Korsonsky, the bank robber nicknamed "Motobank II".

Korsonsky was convicted of committing 14 armed robberies during the years 2010-2012, during which the most serious of them - in Beer Yaakov - he killed security guard Yaniv Engler z"l.

In addition to the prison sentence, Korsonsky was ordered to compensate Yaniv Engler's parents in the amount of NIS 258,000.

Gabi Korsonsky in court
Gabi Korsonsky in courtצילום: Gideon Markowicz/Flash90

To read the full verdict in the original Hebrew click here.

"The defendant did not hesitate to murder a bank guard who prevented him from carrying out his plot, thus realizing the same potential for escalation that exists in every robbery carried out with weapons.

"After the brutal murder, we saw by watching the security video how the defendant continued to behave coolly, leapt impassively over the body of the deceased, and continued with the planned robbery (which ended with a sum of NIS 6,000)," the judges added.

"The defendant committed the robberies solely for the purpose of making money - as he testified to us about the robberies he admitted to," the judges noted. "The evidence presented to us revealed that the money that was stolen was used mainly to satisfy the defendant's personal needs, including purchasing expensive clothes, gambling, entertainment, and paying rent."