Yaelim Stream floods
Yaelim Stream floodsIsrael Police spokesperson

A Bedouin youth of about 17 was carried away this afternoon, Wednesday, for several miles in the Negev’s Mamshit Stream and was found on the river bank near the entrance to Maale Akrabim near the railway tracks.

MDA medics assisted by a military rescue unit and doctor managed to rescue the youth in critical condition, but later were forced to confirm his death.

In another incident near Kfar Hanokdim in Arad, a group of about 60 youth, teachers and counselors were caught in a flood. They were rescued and evacuated to the MDA station in Arad.

Forty-five members of the group suffered from mild hypothermia and were evacuated by ambulances to Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva.

MDA emergency medic in MDA Amir Abu Siam, who was in the MDA station in Arad, said, "The MDA station in the city received dozens of youth from the center of the country who were on an annual trip and were caught in a flood due to rain and a strong hail that began to descend in the area. We brought the youths, who suffered from hypothermia, into the station, brought them dry blankets so that they would warm up and are evacuating them with MDA ambulances and a bus with MDA paramedics to Soroka Hospital for further tests."

A number of roads and national parks have been closed in the Negev as heavy rains have caused severe flooding.